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About Us

Beyond Cushions Corporation- was launched in August 2013 to market high-end furnishing accessories and home accents. Our product range has our signature designs that depict famous skylines and other recognizable landmarks unique to some of the major cities around the world – New York, Chicago, London, Paris, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, Fort worth, Atlanta and Washington DC are some of our most popular themes.
Our beautifully embroidered pillows have received much praise and have taken pride of place in homes across the world.
Our products are hand-designed and crafted, and machine embroidered guaranteed to provide a clean, precise and professional finish every single time. We use nothing but high-quality  wool in our products, and stand by our quality assurance with every single sale.
We also offer design services for private and commercial clients who would like a customized pillow or embroidered souvenir made for their city or hotel/resort. Please refer to the custom design link for more details.
Thank you so much for visiting and hope that you find something you love!


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“Oh my gosh…..the pillows just arrived and they are AWESOME!” – Candice Edwards, Business owner -

The Old Spud Warehouse, Gaylord MI

“So excited that your pillows have been such a huge success!My customers love the pillows!” –

Dona Taylor ,Gallery of Jewels, San Francisco.